My buddy Gardner wanted me to call this story “It Ain’t Sunny In Philadelphia” which is hilarious but this isn’t about Philly, fuck that city…this is about The New York Yankees and their 27th World Series title.  This is also about Hideki Matsui who might have played his final game ever in pinstripes and he went out like the quiet assassin he is.  3-4, a HR, a double, 6 RBIs…he’s my MVP since he hit .600 for the series with 3 HRs and was the entire offense tonight.  Andy did what he had to do which was not blow the lead that Matsui gave hime, and the bullpen held the Phillies scoreless for 3.1 innings.  Special nod goes to Damaso Marte who  got the biggest out of the game when he struck out Chase Utley with two out and two on in the top of the 7th.  Utley gets on there and Ryan Howard comes up with a chance to tie the game…HUGE out.  Mo was Mo…through an inning and 2/3rds and closed it out with a weak grounder to Robinson Cano.  What more is there to say?  This is the best Yankee team since the 1998 squad.  Cashman put together the team, his aquisitions of Tex, C.C., A.J., and even Nick Swisher were expensive, but the Yanks have tried to get the big free agents before with no results…this time Cash got the right pieces…and they did the job.

World Series MVP goes to Hideki Matsui…well deserved…if this is it for Matsui…he went out on top



More analysis and pictures though the link…












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2 Responses to “27”

  1. rich kenny Says:

    its Nick Swisher not MARK, cmon james!!!

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