Sex Offender Found With Six Dead Women In Home


Ohio   Six women whose badly decomposed bodies were found at the home of a convicted rapist were all victims of homicide, the coroner’s office said Sunday.   At least five of the women apparently had been strangled, said Powell Caesar, a spokesman for the Cuyahoga County coroner. Decomposition made it difficult to determine how the sixth died, he said.  The bodies “could have been there anywhere from weeks to months to years,” Caesar said.  None of the victims has been identified, Caesar said. Two were black, but the race of the others hadn’t been determined, he said.  Anthony Sowell, a 50-year-old registered sex offender, was arrested Saturday when officers spotted him walking down the street of his east-side neighborhood. Court records and jail officials had no information about whether he had an attorney. No charges have been filed regarding the bodies.

Talk about lowering the property value of the neighborhood…nothing says future strip mall like homes full of rotting corpses.  Hasn’t this dude ever heard of an acid bath?  I thought he was a professional sick fuck.  Just leaving bodies laying around is amateur hour…get a fucking hacksaw, chop em up and take em out in pieces.  It’s stories like this that convince me I would be an excellent serial killer.  I could get hundreds of mother fuckers without being caught…I’d be legendary.  This jackass can’t even get away with it when his neighbors are smelling the dead chicks and not calling the cops…honestly his neighbors are lucky he’s an idiot, any criminal with half a brain would have wiped out the entire block.


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4 Responses to “Sex Offender Found With Six Dead Women In Home”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Yeah I think you’re missing the point on this one. He’s a sex offender not a murderer. The murdering may only be a result not the actual intention. And maybe he’s keeping the rotting decaying disgusting bodies around because that sort of thing turns him on. Who knows maybe he’s a mormon and those are all his wives.

    • The_Creator Says:

      so let me get this straight…you admit that he raped the women and they died as a result so that makes him a sex offender not a murderer? ha umm this guy wishes the law worked that way…dude killed these chicks…now they found 4 more…doesn’t matter if you try to kill someone or not…if someone dies in the act of a violent crime then a murder has taken place

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