One More Win…


It all began back on a cold April day with a 10-5 loss in Baltimore.  What a long time ago it seems, and how far they have come.  113 wins later The Yankees find themselves only a single victory away from their 27th World Series title.  Win 113 did not come easily.  With a 4-3 lead with two outs in the bottom of the 8th Joba Chamberlain, who had dominated the first two batters of the inning, gave up the game tying home run to Pedro Feliz, the Phillies fans went crazy.  They continued to flood the field with their cheers through the first two outs of the top of the 9th, no doubt salivating at their chance to get a walk off win, then up came Johnny Damon.  After seeing 10 pitches Johnny finally slapped a single to left, then on the first pitch to Mark Teixeira he took off for second.  The Phillies had been playing the usual Teixeira shift when they move their short stop to the second base side of the bag and move their 3rd baseman to short…well this would have consequences.  Damon takes off for second and the 3rd baseman moves to cover second base, Damon slides in safely, then pops to his feet and begins sprinting for 3rd, why? Because nobody is covering the bag, two stolen bases on the same play.  This play was important because it shut the crowd up, and Phillies closer Brad Lidge was obviously rattled because he promptly hits Tex with the next pitch, and up walks Alex Rodriguez.  Mostly silent in this World Series Arod had come through last night with a big momentum shifting HR and now had the chance to give the Yanks back the lead…and did he ever, driving an 0-1 pitch to the wall in left…what it must have felt like to be a Phillies fan at that moment.  After Posada drove in two more runs the stage was all Mo’s…and he didn’t need long on it.  In just 8 pitches Mariano Rivera shut down the last hope of the Phillies and put the Yanks on the brink.

Well with one win to go The Yanks turn to A.J. Burnett on short rest tomorrow in game 5.  He’ll be going against game 1 winner Cliff Lee.  This is a game that on paper heavily favors the Phillies, I have no idea how this team will do now that they’ve had the life sucked out of them, but I expect to see some fight, and I know Cliff Lee is going to throw a great game…A.J. has to match. 

Well another road win means we have to see Kate Hudson again (and how can that be a bad thing? Yanks have a good track record the games after I play this clip), and considering what Arod has done these last two games it seems more than appropriate…Yanks haven’t been this close to a title since 2001…let’s finish this off tomorrow so I can hit my prediction…Yanks in 5.


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2 Responses to “One More Win…”

  1. Yankees Says:

    huge win last night giving the yanks control of the series.. only issue i have is not pitching chad gaudin tonight on the mound… its more or less a free game because Lee has been a god this postseason so using all of our guys on three days rest insnt the best move… have a fully rested AJ for game 6 and lock it up at home

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