Hey Obama…Nice Costume


There’s our commander and chief removing the stick from his ass and getting into the swing of things at the White House halloween party.  C’mon Pres! What are you supposed to be?  An IRS employee?  At least your wife threw on the leopard print.  Not gonna lie I flipped through these pics…some pretty good costumes at this thing…

like treeman

Obama Halloween

and weird 30’s deepsea diver/astronaut thing…

Obama Halloween

and what halloween party is complete without Gay Darth Vader

Obama Halloween

Is Bobo Fett his gay midget lover or did a pederass sneak past security?  Seriously though, our President has to do a better job…he could have at least added some suspenders to his sweater and gone as Urkel…or cut some holes in a bed sheet and…well yeah that might have sent the wrong message…first black President dressing like a Klan member…still would have been better than this…



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