UPDATE: Dennis LeRoy Anderson’s La-Z-Boy Can Now Be Your La-Z-Boy

Lounge Chair Drunk Driving

Minnesota   A motorized La-Z-Boy used by a man who pleaded guilty to driving it drunk is going up for auction. But police said interested bidders need to keep it off the streets. The chair, powered by a lawnmower engine, comes equipped with a stereo, cup holders and lights.  Police in Proctor, in northern Minnesota, are putting the seized chair up for auction on eBay on Thursday. The proceeds will go to the police, state and the prosecuting attorney.  But Chief Walter Wobig cautions that the chair isn’t “street legal,” so any buyer should stick to the living room—or at most a parade.


Well I’m putting my bid in today!  Master criminal paraphernalia just doesn’t hit the bay any old day of the year.  Passing this up would be like passing up a chance to own Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle, or Charles Manson’s steak knives…you do whatever it takes to make them yours.  For those unaware of this story I blogged about it a few weeks ago.  Back then I assumed Dennis would be getting his chair back…but this is ten times better.  Now I can own it!  It could be the mascot for The Loon…I may have even found my logo…oh shit…yeah I think maybe I have…I’m a little strapped for cash right now so I need the Loonies to send some donations so we as a team can buy this…e-mail me at thenewloon@yahoo.com and I’ll tell you where to send money so we can get this done…Dennis your chair will soon have a loving new home.  The Loon is Rising!


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