Genius Mechanic Gets Busted


Tennessee   Tennessee police say a mechanic was drumming up business by tampering with parked cars, then charging to help start them.   Police arrested 41-year-old Christopher Walls of Johnson City on Thursday night.  Investigators say Walls disabled cars parked at restaurants, waited for the owners to try to start them and then offered his services as a mechanic. Police say Walls charged between $40 and $200 to get the vehicles running again.  He’s charged with two counts of theft under $500, but police suspect there are other victims. They’re urging anyone else who thinks they were scammed to call them.


I don’t see the crime here…how else is this guy supposed to get business?  Just wait for the cars to break down on their own?  That’s a risk Walls wasn’t willing to take.  So like any good entrepreneur he went out and created his own market.  I thought this was America, the land of opportunity, I guess not it’s the land of throwing a guy in jail for taking advantage of some suckers.  If anyone is dumb enough to try and start their car that worked 20 minutes earlier, then some guy miraculously walks out of the dark and offers to fix it, and they don’t immediately see that he’s scamming you, then you deserve to be scammed.  I’m sorry but if that happened to me I’d tell the fucker to fix it or I’d bust his ass…if I actually paid the dude to fix it, well, then transaction complete and all I can be left with is buyers remorse.  Maybe I should hire this dude to scare up some advertisers for The Loon…guy seems like he could get it done.


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