Lets Go To Philly


Well that was a better outcome.  Nice solid game all around.  AJ was lights out and pitched the game he needed to in order to get the series to a 1-1 tie.  Tex finally came up with a big HR and Matsui continued his clutch post season ways.  Arod is struggling, he did get us here and if we continue to win it won’t be a problem but the amount of strikeouts are troubling.  Pedro was good but not good enough, following his usual script of giving up just enough to the Yanks to lose, oh well nice to see you again Petey.  So the setting moves to Philadelphia on saturday night.  Andy against Cole Hamels.  Hamels has been shaky but things can change very quickly, just look at Arod.  Yanks need to win just 1 in Philly but 2 would pretty much lock it up.  I know I said Yanks in 5, I thought we would take both in NY but that wasn’t to be, however I’ve got to stick with it.  Enjoy the day off tomorrow and see you in Philly for game 3 on Halloween.  Now play me some Frank…


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One Response to “Lets Go To Philly”

  1. Will Says:

    All we needed to do was take one in the Bronx.

    See you Saturday

    Go Phills

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