100 Year Old Somali Pimp Marries 17 Year Old


Somalia   A Somali man who claims to be a centenarian has married a 17-year old girl. Ahmed Mohamed Dhore celebrated his marriage to Safiya Abdulle late Tuesday in central Somalia before hundreds of guests. Somali adolescent girls are often married off to older men. But it is rare for a man as old as Dhore to marry a girl of Abdulle’s age.  Dhore says he wanted to marry Abdulle for a long time but waited for her to grow up. He says his children and two other wives agreed to the marriage, as did Abdulle’s parents.  Dhore claims to be more than 100, but there is no way to verify the claim. This marriage was his 6th; three of Dhore’s wives have died.


Ok Dhore I’m pretty sure when you’re over 100 you don’t have to ask for permission from your kids and wives, you want to fuck a 17 year old, you fuck a 17 year old.  Honestly though this guy is an inspiration, still pulling barely legal smokeshow ass at his age.  Gives us all something to shoot for.  I know when I’m about to croak when my liver finally gives way I’m gonna go out like Dhore.  I’m moving to Somalia, converting to Islam and collecting a harem of teenage sluts.  Actually why wait, maybe there is something to this whole Islam thing…which way is east?



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