Woman Stabs Husband 193 Times Wants Lighter Sentence


Houston   A woman convicted of tying her husband to their bed and stabbing him almost 200 times will get a new punishment phase because of ineffective assistance of counsel in her trial.  The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled this morning that Susan Wright deserves another opportunity to convince a jury that she deserves a lenient sentence.  Wright was convicted of murder in March 2004 and sentenced to 25 years for killing Jeffrey Wright, 34, at the couple’s northwest Harris County home on Jan. 13, 2003. He suffered 193 stab wounds, according to medical examiners.  Her attorney, Brian Wice, contended that jurors should have heard from certain witnesses. If her attorneys can persuade jurors that Wright killed in “sudden passion” her punishment would be capped at 20 years.


Haha, ok little miss sunshine, you should get a new trial.  You want to know why your attorneys didn’t put up a good fight on your behalf?  Because you tied your husband to a bed and stabbed him 193 fucking times!  Not 4 or 5 times, even 20 is somewhat normal in the world of knife murders, but 193 times is like the holocaust of hatchet jobs.  They are going to have museums dedicated to your craziness.  People are going to make movies about what you did and you think you should be out in 20 years??  That’s some balls you have there sister, some crazy I’m gonna stab my husband 193 times balls.  Also you committed this crime in Texas, you’re lucky the worst you can get is life, just don’t go overboard with your second trial because the prosecution may try and convince the jury you’re retarded, and we all know what happens to retarded people in Texas.

P.S. I just tried snapping my fingers 193 times…they need to fry this bitch


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