Freaks In Woods Looking For Different Freak


West Virginia   A team of Bigfoot enthusiasts is hoping to find the legendary creature in the bogs and barrens of a West Virginia wilderness area.   Members of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia went camping in the rugged Allegheny Mountain highlands of the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area with GPS navigators, cameras, voice recorders and plaster of Paris to make casts of huge footprints.  Billy Willard, founder of the group, says they’re looking in places where people have reported sightings. He says he has never seen Bigfoot himself.  Bruce Harrington, the group’s self-described skeptical member, says he has yet to see convincing proof that the creature exists.  The group took plaster casts of suspicious prints but didn’t spot the creature during the expedition last weekend.


Talk about having way too much free time.  These guys can’t be married right?  There’s no chance, wives wouldn’t stand for this kind of shit.  Also, what are they bringing the voice recorders for?  They think they’re gonna score an interview with the big fella?  I think bringing that along is a little cocky.  If I were going out to try and find bigfoot I’d bring a shitload of blow and some elephant guns, cuz if I’m gonna be alone in the woods with some 10 foot tall apeman I want to be alert and armed to the teeth.  My encounter with bigfoot would probably go something like this…


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