Company Pays Man 470K Even Though He Doesn’t Work There


New Jersey  An Illinois man has admitted banking more than $470,000 in paychecks from a New Jersey company he never worked for.  Thirty-five-year-old Anthony Armatys (AHR’-muh-tees) of Palatine, Ill., pleaded guilty Monday in New Jersey Superior Court to one count of theft as part of a plea bargain.  Prosecutors say Armatys accepted a job with Basking Ridge, N.J.-based telecommunications company Avaya Inc. in September 2002, then changed his mind. But the company’s computer system never removed his name from the payroll.  Paychecks were deposited into his bank account until February 2007, when Avaya auditors discovered the mistake.  Prosecutors are recommending a six-year prison term and restitution. Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 8.


Wait so the dude who was given the money is going to jail?  How does that work?  Sorry your payroll department is run by drunk monkeys Avaya but don’t ask anybody to give back free money.  If I check my balance today and it says 10 million dollars I’m not saying a fucking word, not my fuck up.  You think if I report it I’m getting any of that money as a reward?  Sorry but it’s not my job to be the fucking ombudsman for the world here.  Shit happens and if some pencil pusher draws a line under my name instead of through it and that mistake results in a financial windfall for myself then they should be the ones paying the money back or going to jail.  It’s not like this guy was cashing checks either, they had him on direct deposit, and that’s a legal get out of jail free card as far as I’m concerned.


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