Chick Scares Off Burglar By Acting Like A Dog


Georgia   Police are investigating after an Athens woman scared off a would-be burglar by acting like a dog. The Athens Banner-Herald reported Monday that the woman scared off the suspect around 11 p.m. Saturday. According to police, the woman got on the floor and began scratching at the door and acting like a large dog when the suspicious man tried turning the woman’s door knob.   The police report did not say what specific dog-like behaviors, such as barking, the woman mimicked.  The woman said the man, who appeared to be homeless, quickly ran from the porch.  Police searched the neighborhood for him, but were unsuccessful.


I have a different theory…this guy wasn’t scared off because he thought there was some mean ass dog on the other side of that door.  No, he knew exactly what was going on and he wasn’t about to fuck with some crazy bitch flopping around barking.  There are very few things that freak me out, but one of them is definitely people acting like animals, there’s just something really creepy and weird about it.  This burglar is no dummy, if you ever come in contact with this…

you haul ass…your life and definitely your anal virginity are at stake


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