This Angels Writer Is Kidding Right?


OC Register  posted by Ellen Bell, Afternoon Angel

It’s no secret that the Angels – down three games to one – have hit the wall and their backs are firmly up against it. The Yankees have outperformed in this series, both offensively and defensively. Even a loyal fan like me can’t deny the obvious.  But we have one more game  .If the Angels lose today, it will be because they were outplayed by a better team.  It doesn’t mean that the Angels are horrible if they lose in the ALCS to a team stacked with future Hall of Famers. And before Yankee Fan can tell me how dominant his team is, I would gladly remind him of a decade of missed opportunities and post season chokes made by the Bronx Bombers. In fact, last year, they were absent from the playoffs altogether. Actually if anyone can tell the Angels what it feels like to be down 3-1 in the ALCS, it’s the Yankees. So, they pulled out their checkbooks this year, bought the best team, and committed to providing an excellent product on the field. Fair enough.


This is why you don’t let women have anything to do with sports, cuz they write stupid shit like, “if anyone can tell the Angels what it feels like to be down 3-1 in the ALCS it’s the Yankees”  Ok Ellen, when was the last time the Yankees were down 3-1 in an ALCS?  I don’t think that’s ever happened in their history, yup just looked it up it hasn’t.  And don’t try and tell me she meant they were up 3-1 and blew the lead…that’s not what she fucking said, she’s an idiot. 

Then in typical whiney fashion she throws in the little payroll jab.  Honestly, people who hate the Yankees need to come up with something new, if we win it’s because we bought the best team, if we lose then it’s because money can’t buy the best team.  It’s getting old…and if she wants to go back and look at the Yankee track record for the past decade (which is 10 years by the way, in case she forgot) lets do that.  In the last 10 years the Yankees have won 2 world series, been to 4, made the playoffs 9 out of 10 years.  So the Yankees have won 20% of the World Series in the last 10 years, been to 40% of them and been to the playoffs 90% of the time…what a decade of “missed opportunities and post season chokes” 

I hate to call out a writer with such an obvious lack of sports knowledge, it’s not her fault that she gets all her baseball information from John Kruk and the BBTN crew.  She’s an armchair fan who somehow got a job writing about a team in her free time, that’s fine, I hope she enjoys doing it, but if you’re going to try and bust up the Yankees you’re going to have to come with something a little more hard hitting than payroll and the 2004 ALCS.  It’s just sad to see fans grasping at the obvious straws when their team is one game away from elimination, it’s hard to watch.


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3 Responses to “This Angels Writer Is Kidding Right?”

  1. will Says:


  2. Ashley Says:

    Why do you have to take it to the sexist level? There are just as many guys bitching and moaning about the Yankees that are just as dumb as Ellen. I mean have you talked to a Mets fan lately? They are the most bitter unreasonable sports fans around with both the Yankees and the Phillies in the World Series. No reason to blame an entire gender for one idiot.

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