One More To Go…


Well The Loon was slow today since I just spent 3 hours at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Devision getting a new license and zona plates for my Jeep.  However, nothing will keep me from getting a Yankee preview up, so here we go.

A 3-1 series lead is usually a great place to be, the odds of closing out the series are extremely high, but when your team recently blew a 3-0 series lead you can’t get over confident.  This series has been vastly different from the 2004 ALCS, the Yankees are pitching lights out and besides Jeter and Arod the bats haven’t really done much.  Sure we won game 4 10-1, but that game was close for the first half, and the Yankees tacked on a bunch of meaningless runs at the end.  Burnett is going for the Yanks and has yet to earn a decision in the postseason, in fact the Yankees have won both of A.J.’s starts via the walkoff, something that has become common place for this team.  This time however Burnett will not have the luxury of the walkoff to get the Yankees the win.  He needs to shut down this dangerous yet dormant Angels offense.  If Burnett can pitch into the 7th and the Yankee bats can provide the runs then I see no reason why they won’t beat Anaheim and get to their 40th World Series.  Burnett has to eat innings, because that will mean he’s being effective, if Burnett can only get through 4 or 5 it means he’s wild, walking guys, and most likely giving up a bunch of runs.  Length, and runs, I know that seems like an obvious formula for success but this is an extremely important game and it needs to be said.  So here we go, game 5 of the ALCS…Yankees are 27 outs away, lets hope the next game played in Yankee Stadium will be against The Phillies.


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