Here We Go Again…


Canada   Shoppers at a Sobey’s grocery store in Windsor, N.S., got a bit of a scare when a deer crashed through a set of glass doors.  The frightened animal smashed into a cash register during the incident Wednesday and was dazed and bleeding with a piece of antler town off.  Employees managed to herd the deer out of the store, where it smashed into some cars in the parking lot before running away.


Don’t feel bad for the deer people.  At first it seems like the poor guy just got confused and crashed through a glass door trying to find his home in the woods…but you gotta read between the lines.  The fucker busts into the store and goes right for the cash register!  Deer was trying to rob the joint and if he hadn’t busted up his antler I’m sure he would have cleaned the place out.  If I’m going to rob a place you bet your ass I’m busting through the glass door, it scares the shit out of the employees and tells them I’m not to be messed with, but like this deer if I slice open my head I’m getting the fuck out of there and finding some medical attention.  Now, I’ve been trying to warn people that the animals are starting to rise up against us, it’s been well documented here on The Loon, how much more evidence do I need to provide before someone in a position of power does something?  I could go out with a baseball bat and start clubbing squirrels and rabbits and shit but I don’t have the time, but someone has to.  The war is coming, prepare yourselves.


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