Madoff’s Offices Were One Big Coke Rager


NY Daily News   Bernie Madoff, cocaine kingpin?New additions to a lawsuit against the jailed Ponzi schemer charge that he presided over an office so fueled by the drug that it was known as the “North Pole.”The suit, filed Tuesday night in Manhattan Supreme Court, alleges that Madoff, as far back as 1975, used two street toughs on his payroll to set up a cocaine pipeline into the offices of Madoff Securities.  It portrays the firm’s headquarters as an animal house with “a culture of sexual deviance” that often hosted drug-fueled parties featuring topless waitresses who wore little more than G-strings.


This motherfucker had one hell of a great run for 30 some odd years huh?   Jesus, imagine working for this guy in the 80s?  Must have been the greatest job ever.  Just take people’s money during the day then party with topless chicks and blow all night.  I can’t think of a better gig.  This is some hollywood movie shit, combine the movies Boiler Room, Wall Street, and Blow and you have an idea what these guys were up to.  Kinda makes me rethink this whole blogging thing, I might just go into the Ponzi scheme game.  Or at the very least model my offices around Madoff’s because nothing says happy employees like big titted women and lines the size of Texas…in fact our company motto would be “The Loon: We don’t do lines, we go to the train station and do rails”  Now accepting applications.


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One Response to “Madoff’s Offices Were One Big Coke Rager”

  1. ImBalderImSicker Says:

    doing blow makes you go bald which is sick

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