Gunman Prays With Clerk During Robbery


Indianapolis   Police say an armed robber spent nearly 10 minutes on his knees praying with a clerk at an Indianapolis check-cashing business before fleeing with $20 from the register.  Security video from the Advance America branch clearly showed the man’s face during the stickup Monday, and a 23-year-old surrendered Tuesday on a preliminary charge of robbery.  Police say the robbery took an unusual turn after the gunman came around the counter when the clerk starting crying and talking about God.  The man said he had a 2-year-old child to support and asked for prayers about overcoming his hardships.  Police say the man removed the bullet from his gun and gave it to the clerk before taking her cell phone and the money.


Twenty fucking dollars?!  Jesus H. Christ!  Ok, I’m not a religious man as you can probably tell by the picture I used and the opening salvo I fired for this blog.  However, how do you go to rob a shady check cashing place and leave with only twenty bucks?  This place cashes fucking checks, they have a shitload of money on hand.  I have no beef with you praying with the scared lady behind the counter, but after you’re finished hit the bitch over the head and clean out the fucking drawer!  Jesus will understand, you’ve got a family to support.  Where do you think Jesus got all that bread and all those fish?  They didn’t just materialize, he had to warp them there from some poor guy’s pond.  Same with the water to wine, that shit came from a Liquor Barn.  I’m just saying even J.C. knew how to correctly run a heist, this guy needs to reread his Bible and learn how it’s done.


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