Cops “Lose” Bag Of Blow


Florida Police in Naples are on the lookout for cocaine. Somehow, they lost their stash. A 2-gram packet was discovered missing this summer from a narcotics kit used in training. Two officers lost it in April, but they’re unsure where. It could’ve been the police parking lot or an airport rental car, but the likely spot was a hotel.


Bullshit, the most likely spot is up their snouts.  C’mon, zero chance they didn’t do it themselves then pulled the old “we lost it in the hotel room” excuse.  You lose your cell phone charger in a hotel room not your bag of blow.  Sorry but anyone who has ever done coke knows that you don’t lose your bag…you know exactly where that shit is and if you can’t find it it just means you’ve done it all.  I don’t blame these cops one bit, you leave me unsupervised with a snort bag and I’m gonna “lose” it too, but I’d definitely be able to come up with a better excuse for where it went, shit makes me mad creative.


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One Response to “Cops “Lose” Bag Of Blow”

  1. Ladies' bags Says:

    When I was young I loved to look inside their bags.
    I would find coins, lipsticks, receipts, mirrors,
    jewelry (usually only one earring), notes, photos, mints,
    aspirin, expired Sears’ card and dollar bills all wrinkled up into little balls.
    I would organize the bags, and they would give me a dollar.
    It was the best! That was enough money to buy a gumball
    the next time we went to the supermarket.
    And then, just when I was caught up in my memories the nurse
    had to come tap me on my shoulder to come in.
    I slowly got up and started to walk away,
    but before I walked in I stopped and looked back with a grin on my face.
    I bet the ones left behind were also wondering what was in my bag?
    But, they will never know…:)

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