Cabbie Blows Up Genius’ Spot


Wyoming   A Wyoming man has been charged with counterfeiting money to pay an exotic dancer for a private performance. Rickey A. Kempter, 50, faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.  Prosecutors said Kempter hired the exotic dancer for a private dance at the Lariat Motel, and Kempter and the dancer shared a taxi to the location. The taxi driver called police after they arrived, saying Kempter asked him to hold a roll of $50 bills and he noticed that they looked odd and were not cut evenly.  Court documents said Kempter told investigators that he made the bills on a printer in his home, but that he planned to go home and get real money to pay the dancer.


What a blatant violation of the man code by this cab driver.  My man is just trying to trick some stripper into banging him for cut up HP printer paper and this guy turns tail and rats him out.  Cabbie should be getting some jail time too, because I’m pretty sure any violation of the man code is a class A felony, and if it’s not it fucking should be.  While the idea to pay the stripper with fake cash is genius because I’m pretty sure you’d get away with it 9 times out of 10, it was sloppy execution not cutting the bills evenly.  Even 5 year olds know shapes Rickey, gotta work on your system.  Next time take a minute and check your work, then don’t involve a goddamn cab driver!  I don’t blame you for doing it the first time because we are all taught in school that cabbies are to be trusted with our counterfeit currency, but this one has gone rogue and now we all have to be careful.  So nice first effort, gotta stick with it though, the dream of unlimited free lap dances is within your reach.


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