Man Takes Thousand Mile Test Drive


Wisconsin   A Massachusetts man who allegedly kidnapped a car salesman during a test drive and drove the vehicle more than 1,000 miles was in custody in Wisconsin. Authorities said a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper pulled over a 32-year-old man near Edgerton, Wis. on Friday for speeding, reckless driving and operating a motor vehicle without owner consent. The suspect is expected to be extradited back to Massachusetts to face charges of kidnapping, larceny of a motor vehicle and unarmed robbery.  The incident began Thursday afternoon when the man and a Honda car salesman went on a test drive but the man refused to turn back around. The salesman was able to get out of the car when it slowed at a tollbooth near the Massachusetts state line.

Only one question comes to mind after reading this story.  Why the hell is this guy slowing down for toll booths?  He’s stolen a car, kidnapped a saleman, you’d think he’d have no problem just blowing through the E-Z-Pass lane.  I guess laws are laws though and this guy isn’t a savage.  I’m also a little curious how he was able to get 1000 miles before getting caught.  It probably has something to do with him stealing a Honda, if that was an R8 he took he would have been picked up three blocks from the lot.  Nobody gives a shit about Hondas.


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