This Chick Just Wants To Fuck


North Dakota  A woman is accused of showing a pornographic video out the window of her Grand Forks home near an elementary school. Police said 37-year-old Nicole Altendorf bit an officer’s arm and kicked him several times in the groin as he tried arrest her Friday. In the squad car, she allegedly spit in the officer’s face. Altendorf faces felony charges of simple assault, contact by bodily fluids and preventing arrest, along with misdemeanor charges of possessing drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct.

Ok lets give Nicole a break here…it’s obviously she is just on the prowl for some law enforcement dick.  There is no other reason to blast fuck pictures for the kiddies if you aren’t trying to get the cops to show up.  But when she realized the officer wasn’t there to bang her she loses control, can you blame her?  All that time and effort to move next to an elementary school, get the porn in the vcr, set the volume on high, then the cop has the fucking audacity not to give her a quick up and down?  I swear I thought these guys were supposed to protect and serve, not a whole lot of serving going on

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