She’s Being Held Captive Right?

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The Superficial Jennifer Love Hewitt is hurt that people would suggest Jamie Kennedy wants to have sex with other women, according to People: “It’s really hurtful that people say that,” says Hewitt, 30, who attended the event with her beau of 8 months, costar Jamie Kennedy. “Because he is like the most awesome person.”
Adds Hewitt: “I really hate that people would make it seem like he’s not really a good guy, and not treating me well. He treats me very well. “We are just trying to be really happy,” Hewitt says. “It makes it hard to do that when everybody is putting negative energy out there.”

In the long tradition of weird hollywood bang buddies Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy are one of the strangest.  Jennifer used to be the hottest chick in America, she was on the bedroom walls of every teenage boy in the country back in the 90s.  Jamie Kennedy is some freak who made shitty movies like “Kickin it old Skool” and dumb reality prank shows, “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment.”  So how the fuck does he land J-Love?  I’m starting to believe she is being held in this relationship against her will.  We’ve seen this before with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  I’m not sure if Kennedy is a Xenu fearing freak (scientologist) like Tom is but he’s definitely got some kind of mind control going on here.  Cuz I feel like J-Love should be looking for a reason to leave this guy and if rumors of him banging other chicks only causes her to defend his ass then you know she’s being manipulated…because nobody says Jamie Kennedy is “like the most awesome person.”  That gives it away right there, what she is really saying is “this freak wears Hilary Clinton masks and asks me to spread peanut butter on his balls and call him madam secratary.”   Weird shit…


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