Jacked Up Cow Derails Train


Australia   One of Australia’s most popular tourist trains, The Ghan, derailed after hitting a cow in the Outback, train company officials said Monday.  No passengers were hurt in the incident, which happened Sunday night near the small town of Kulgera in the Northern Territory, said Sophia Dent, spokeswoman for Great Southern Rail, which operates The Ghan.  The train was on its 1,850-mile (2,979-kilometre) run between the Northern Territory capital of Darwin and the South Australia state capital of Adelaide when it slammed into the cow. The locomotive ran off the tracks, but there was no damage to the train, Dent said.

Even the fucking cows are criminals in Australia.  The Ghan got owned, and don’t give me any shit about how the train had no damage and it wasn’t a big deal.  When a cow is able to bump a however many ton rolling piece of steel off the tracks I think that’s a big deal.  What kind of cows are they raising in the outback?  I mean if their restaurants are any indication they are raising delicious ones, but something has to be done about the criminal element in the Australian cow community.  I’m starting to become suspicious of all cows, and I’m not one to stereotype but if the cows don’t want to all be considered criminals then they need to clean up their bad apples, because right now I’m crossing the street if I see a cow walking towards me…and I feel bad about that.


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One Response to “Jacked Up Cow Derails Train”

  1. The_Creator Says:

    and yes I know that’s a picture of a bull

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