Bear Busts Into Supermarket Goes For The Beer Fridge


Wisconsin  Shoppers in a Wisconsin grocery store got an unexpected surprise when a 125-pound black bear wandered inside and headed straight for the beer cooler. The bear stopped Friday night at Marketplace Foods in Hayward, about 140 miles northeast of Minneapolis, sauntering through the automatic doors and heading straight for the liquor department. It calmly climbed up 12 feet onto a shelf in the beer cooler where it sat for about an hour while employees helped evacuate customers and summoned wildlife officials.  Officials from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources tranquilized the animal and took it out of the store. Store workers say the bear seemed content in the cooler and did not consume any alcohol.

“Did not consume any alcohol.”  What a fucking stupid bear, if you’re gonna break into a supermarket beer fridge you better be dragged out of there wasted.  What’s the point otherwise?  That’s like me breaking into the Bunny Ranch and not banging the whores…it just wouldn’t happen that way…I’d be balls deep when the authorities came to drag me away.  Life only affords you so many of these opportunities, they are not to be wasted, but this bear should have been.


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