Angels Win Homerun Derby With Walkoff Double


Jeter, Arod, Damon, Kendrick, Vlad, Posada all went deep in game 3 of the ALCS, but it was Jeff Mathis’ bottom of the 11th double that won it for Anaheim.  This was the second straight extra innings game, the Yanks took game 2 on a walk off, now Anaheim does it in game 3.  Both starting pitchers went into the 7th but neither got the decision.  The Yankees now lead the series 2-1.  Game 4 is tomorrow night on Fox.

Ok, wow another nail biter.  I swear to god I need a blow out one way or the other to recover from these things.  The Angels did what they had to do, win at home.  Realistically with C.C. and A.J. going the next two games the Yanks have to win just one of those.  Can’t count the Halos out though, they have a scrappy lineup and if Vlad’s homer wasn’t a fluke they will be very dangerous with the bats.  I gotta get on Girardi a little here, I’ve always been fine with him using his bullpen like he does but tonight was the first time I caught myself second guessing his decision.  Why take Robertson out only to bring in another right hander?  Joe Buck pointed out that neither had a history against Kendrick and Robertson had cruised through the first two batters.  Oh well, if Aceves gets that out nobody is saying a thing.  Tomorrow night should be interesting, I know a lot of analysts have been doubting Joe’s decision to pitch C.C. on three days rest but unlike last season this will be the first time he’s done it.  The Brewers basically used him up just to get to the playoffs then he had nothing left.  I think C.C. will be fresh and ready to go.  But we won’t know till tomorrow…another great postseason game but with a disappointing result.  Hopefully the Yanks get win #3 tomorrow.


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2 Responses to “Angels Win Homerun Derby With Walkoff Double”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    you seem way happy for blowing a game… fuck giardi

  2. The_Creator Says:

    hey this site isn’t just for Yanks fans…I gotta be fair…definitely not a pro angels post though

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