This Will Never Get Old



Honestly, I may have taken a swan dive off my deck if we lost that game.  5+ hours of pacing and cursing out my tv were thankfully not wasted.  Wow what a game…what a sloppy game but what a game none the less.  Arod…what can I say…he’s unbelievable this year…can the man hit a meaningless HR?  And kudos to JH jr…sits all day and comes up singles and then runs the bases like a champ for the winning run.  Definitely deserved the pie, Melky has gotten enough of em.  What a way to go out to the left coast…we got Andy in game 3…hopefully our great starting pitching continues…we have to face Weaver and you know those damn Angels fans will have their place jumping on monday.  It’ll be nice for our guys to play in some nice weather…but no matter what happens out west the Yanks will be back at the stadium this year…now give me some Frank!


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5 Responses to “This Will Never Get Old”

  1. ImBaldImKevin Says:

    yeahhhhhhhhh were sick yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. ImBalderImSicker Says:

    shut up keivn were so sick…fcukc yourslef and die!!!! shut up kevin

  3. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    huge win last night… we were going nuts at granos place last night… if i have to watch that fucking ralley monkey for the next few games im going to lose it… lets get this done in out there

  4. The_Creator Says:

    ha how was The Hunt?

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