UNH Hates America


New Hampshire  A University of New Hampshire freshman’s protest over having to remove the American flag he hung outside his dormitory window is going national: Conner MacIver says he’ll appear on FOX News’ “Fox and Friends” this morning.  Don’t expect him to bash the school. 
“I love UNH,” he said Thursday, one day after he aired his beef with a university policy that prohibits students from hanging anything outside of residence hall windows or anywhere on the exterior of the building.  MacIver said he was supporting his country and honoring his father, a 20-year Army veteran, by flying the flag.

‘Live Free or Die’ my ass.  It’s an American flag for christ sake.  I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the reason this rule was put in place.  And don’t give me that slippery slope nonsense, if you allow this kid to hang his flag that’s not going to lead to the campus looking like a south american shanty town.  This would only happen on a college campus, these collegiate types are so fucking sensitive to anything that could even be remotely offensive.  Sorry if the stars and stripes makes hippies cry…actually no I’m not.  Fly the flag Conner Mac!


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