Once Again I’m Suspicious Of Barstool


It’s been well documented that I think the guys who run barstoolsports read The Loon.  Yesterday I ran with some pictures of Miranda Kerr on some rooftop somewhere.  I ran this during the balloon boy saga.  I included a link to the source of the pictures since obviously I didn’t take them…I posted three of the 12 shots on The Loon.  Today barstoolsportsnewyork used these pictures for their daily Guess That Ass segment.  See if you can see any similarities between the pictures I posted and the ones they used….I’ll wait….yeah they used THE EXACT SAME THREE pictures I used the day before.  Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal out of this but there were 12 pictures to choose from, so the odds of them using the exact same ones are pretty unlikely.  Oh well…this is like just including the answers on an algebra test…c’mon barstool you only get full credit when you show your work!  The Loon is rising!!  Long Live The Creator!


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