More Fun With Dead Bodies…


Texas  A 45-year-old Texas woman has been committed for mental evaluation after authorities say she lived in an apartment for a week with her dead boyfriend’s body. The Tyler Morning Telegraph reported Big Sandy police were flagged down by a man Friday who reported a stench coming from his sister’s apartment.  Once inside, police found 50-year-old William Drake dead on a couch. From the condition of the corpse, police believe he had been dead about a week.  According to police Lt. Van Burr, the woman said Drake “didn’t want to leave the apartment.”


He didn’t want to leave the apartment…….good enough for me.  I mean it’s obvious he didn’t or he wouldn’t be sitting on the couch for a week.  This is love though isn’t it?  We have to deal with a lot for the people we love, our parents have to deal with us as babies pissing and shitting everywhere, when you get old your loved ones have to deal with the same thing, and when your boyfriend dies because they stopped their dialysis you have to deal with the stench.  But what anyone who’s ever been in love knows is that stench is like a bouquet of roses…I think these two are gonna make it…I really do.


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