Is This The Worst Shit Talking Ever?


Santa Ana, Ca   Sunscreen in October. T-shirts to work. We can’t see our own breath, but we can see the sunset over the Pacific. Jealous yet, you bundled N.Y.C. masses?  In the OC, we get an ocean breeze, a cool layer of morning fog and not a whiff of manhole steam. Not one obnoxious taxi honk or “What are you lookin’ at?” or greasy subway rat to greet us as we start the day.  Just tank tops and a smooth top-down ride to the beach, where the biggest problem we face is too much sand. It gets everywhere.  You want to talk tough? We’ve got an airport named after John Wayne. Our governor is The Terminator.  When Walt Disney was looking for the Happiest Place on Earth, naturally he came here. But we’re not defined by Mickey Mouse. We’ve got Knott’s Berry Farm, too. Great roller coasters and jellies.  Even our once-Mighty Ducks (now just mighty Ducks) hockey team finished looking down at your two teams last year. We don’t even have ice around here, unless it’s in our tea.
We’re not lucky enough to have subways, but why would anyone here want to go underground? Especially on days where the Santa Ana Mountains, capped with snow, look like you could reach out and touch them . . . even when you’re standing on the Huntington Beach pier.  We get discounted tickets to Disneyland just because we live here. Think about that when you’re shivering near your radiator while the Angels are surfing around the bases against your poor Yankees, a team that hasn’t won anything in this century.Did you realize there is only one team in baseball that has a winning record against the Yankees since you stole our announcer (Joe Torre, who has since come to his
senses and moved west) and made him your manager?Of course, that would be the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a team so powerful it needs two cities to describe it.Sorry about knocking your Yanks out of the playoffs in 2002 and 2005. In the OC, we call up our BlackBerry calendars for the month of October and we enter “Celebrate against the Yankees.” It’s just what we do.  Angels in five. Enjoy the freezing rain in Yankee Stadium this weekend, Yankee fans, because the series won’t come back to the Bronx.


Hahaha ok pal…Keith Sharon is it?  Ok you fucking tool, I’ve never heard an Angels fan talk shit before and after this I think you guys should keep your mouths shut.  This was pathetic…nobody cares that you have Disney Land and that you get a discount, what are you 6? Grow up dude.  You think your state is tough because of a dead actor and a fictional robot from the future? Jesus…why would you even admit to that??  You write “celebrate against the Yankees” in your blackberry…that’s just what you do?  Wow…intimidating.  Honestly, Mets fans talk shit better than this and they never win anything.

I’ve been to Los Angeles, all I remember is it takes about 6 years to get from downtown to the beach, worst traffic in America.  The smog makes it impossible to even see the Santa Ana mountains it’s so bad, sure it’s bad in NY but we’re not crowing about our breathtaking vistas.  You’d probably scream like a bitch if you saw a subway rat and that rat would fucking laugh at you…bottom line it’s easy to talk shit when you’ve won a couple best of 5 series.  The cream rises to the top in a best of 7 you asshole…so enjoy your past victories because after the beatdown we’re gonna lay on you they’ll be all you have to hold onto.

P.S. This douchbag used to live in Hoboken…so he’s some fucking NY/NJ runaway who just recently became an Angels fan…he’s basically the most pathetic sports fan in America…even the pink hat wearing red sox fans are more legit than this idiot.


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