Is This Commercial Serious?

Ok I have a laundry list of problems with this commercial.  First off, who still has a milkman? Where exactly do these fucking people live where there isn’t an Albertson’s within driving distance?  Secondly, if the kid can’t even throw a baseball, then Mom, I can promise you he can’t play golf.  Basic hand-eye coordination rules dictate that in order to hit a small ball with a tiny metal blade attached to the end of a three foot stick you must first be able to throw a ball that’s in your own hand.  Thirdly, where the fuck is this kid’s dad??  No wonder he can’t learn how to play any sports with a woman teaching him, that’s a man’s job ladies, you get a mother trying to coach a kid to play sports well he’s going to end up exactly where this kid ended up…which brings me to my final problem with this…a choir??? might as well start fitting this kid for capri pants and reserve his time share on Fire Island right now.  The mom crying in the end isn’t from happiness, she’s fucking embarrassed at what a piss poor job she’s done.  It isn’t enough that this kid’s already a glasses wearing ginger now you gotta throw a bow tie on him and make him sing?…kid never had a chance.


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