College Football Lock of the Week


Well last week I got back to my winning ways by picking Michigan at Iowa…covered that spread and I’ve moved to 2-1 for the season.  Now I never went to a college with a bigtime sports program, but if I had it would have been USC.  I’ve always been a big USC homer and I hate Notre Dame.  So this weeks pick is a no brainer.  The Trojans are heading into Southbend as 10 point favorites.  That is a scary spread I have to admit and USC hasn’t been scoring a ton of points this season, but I see them absolutly trouncing The Irish.  Barkley is going to throw all day and Charlie Weis is going to be crying into his ham sloppy joe after the game.  How Weis still has a job there I have no idea.  Trojans dominate.

The Pick: USC (-10)


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2 Responses to “College Football Lock of the Week”

  1. bmqyanksfan Says:

    Lets go Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went there- I loved it!

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