Cold Blooded

ALCS Angels Yankees Baseball

Who says C.C. can’t pitch in the postseason?  8 IP 4 hits 1 ER 1 BB 7 K is that good?  This was a must win game and we did it with pitching.  The bats did just enough but the story of this game is Sabathia.  Man was a machine tonight.  This is such a different feel from the teams of old.  Only 1 extra base hit all night for the Angels, pretty damn good, and if it wasn’t for McCarver acting like a clown in the broadcast booth this was a perfect game, Joe Buck was actually tolerable tonight.  So we look to A.J. tomorrow, or whenever they end up playing game two…time to keep the ball rolling Burnett!  Now without further delay…play that song!!!


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4 Responses to “Cold Blooded”

  1. Shutup Says:

    who the fuck cares about your stupid fucking video and ur god damn negative jwish propaganda. Do you even know where the word propaganda comes from? learn to differentiate yankees baseball from celebrity singers,oh yah no difference. god damn fat pathetic slow unathletic pro baseball players go on strike cause theyre not paid enough. put a zero baseball player near a hockey player, the following would happen: 1) the hockey player would laugh, knock out the basebal player for being a fukin dumb poor blankity blank and bang his stupid ugly girlriend 2) do i need to say more? good, well said, god damn im tired of giving myslef compliments. Im so god damn rich and good looking. Thanks, shutup. 3rd) no one cares about ur stupid fucking comments, I hope you wake up in a factory of H1N1 with 15 ferris beuelers day off guns pointed at your head while ferris buelers mom pops out of the closet and she sits on ur face with her big vagina dripping on ur face and you still camt bang her. furthrmore, ferris buelers god damn sister is so god damn ugly how did they give her the part? you couldnt pay me 5,000 dollars even in this pathetic fucking liberal recession to bang her, ide rather fuck my dog. Please, if you read this, kill yourself, if you dont kill yourself, your dead soon so might as well jump

  2. The_Creator Says:

    wow shutup…I would delete your comment except I think I’m gonna get a big reaction from it…how hammered are you?

  3. The_Creator Says:

    btw shutup…jennifer grey is a fucking smokeshow…watch the movie again…ferris’ sister is highly fuckable

  4. bmqyanksfan Says:

    This guy is an idiot.

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