TMZ Is Run By Anorexics


TMZ  Everyday is like Thanksgiving to former WCW/WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg — because according to him, dude eats a 1/2 pound of turkey bacon … every single day!  Chickens don’t get a free pass either, he also downs 10 egg whites with his breakfast.


OMG! Like that is like totally NOT a lot of fucking food!  Goldberg probably takes 10 pound shits.  I mean an entire 1/2 pound of turkey bacon?!?! How does his stomach not explode??  10 egg whites? Now that’s pushing the limits of human ability.  Honestly, who the fuck wrote this??  Some 98 pound L.A. chick who doesn’t eat a half pound of food total each year?  The dude is eating turkey bacon and egg whites…that’s fucking hippie shit and TMZ thinks Goldberg is a “human garbage disposal.”  Fuck I hate TMZ, they act like they are above the shit they cover then put stupid shit like this on their site that shows they are just as out of touch with reality as anyone they rip on.  If Goldberg revealed he ate three 72 oz steaks and two buckets of fried chicken a day then I’d say maybe he’s packing it in…but comparing this light fucking breakfast to thanksgiving is laughable.


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