One More Reason Europe Sucks

ahappy hour

Spain  Happy hours” and special promotions of alcoholic drinks have been banned in northeastern Spain by local authorities in a crackdown on late-night drinking.   “This law adapts to the new social reality” in bars and nightclubs, which encourage irresponsible drinking through promotions, said a spokesman for the regional parliament of Catalonia, which approved the measure on Wednesday.  These promotions include “happy hours”, in which two drinks are sold the price of one, or “open bars”, in which customers can drink as much as they like for the price of entry.


Well, take Spain off my list of travel destinations.  Way to kill tourism regional parliament of Catalonia.  You do realize that one of the main reasons people travel to your country is to get wasted and try and bang your women right?  Check that, It’s got to be the #1 reason people travel.  If I’m going to leave the comfort of my country, have to deal with a zillion hour flight, lost luggage, shady cabbies, a language I don’t understand, jet lag, and overpriced lodging and food you bet your ass I’m going to want a 2-for-1 deal on my booze.  Now that I can’t even get that, your country has nothing to offer.  So I’ll stay in the good ol U.S. of A. where they still know how to treat their alchoholics.


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