KJ Gets Jacked

Sacramento Mayor

San Francisco  Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson not only got back his suit and shoes that were stolen during a visit to San Francisco, he also received some gifts from San Francisco’s mayor.  Johnson says he lost his items when his garment bag was stolen as he assisted an elderly stranger over the weekend.  San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s staff retrieved the bag Tuesday, saying it was found by a man who saw a report of the incident on a television newscast.  Newsom also sent the former NBA basketball star-turned-politician a San Francisco-themed gift basket that included tickets to a 49’ers football game, some chocolate, a six-pack of beer, free dinners and play tickets.  Newsom also told Johnson that the city’s overall crime rate was down significantly.


Oh your crime rate is down significantly?  Well something tells me KJ thinks that is bullshit!  How can you say your city is safe when you can’t even protect the distinguised gentleman from Sacramento?  He was doing your job by helping on old lady for god’s sake!  Here’s a free law enforcement tip for you mayor Newsom, the fucking guy who returned the suit is the asshole who took it!  Also, I can’t believe you think some shitty 49ers tickets are going to make everything ok…nobody wants to see the 49ers!  KJ is the mayor of the city home to The Kings!  Ok?  I think he’s all set as far as quality athletic entertainment.  You want to say you’re sorry?  How about cleaning up your dump of a city, Oakland is starting to look good by comparison.

P.S. If I had come across this story later in the day Mayor Newsom would have been a lock for AOTD.


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