Asshole of the Day: Falcon The Balloon Boy


Well Falcon Heene is alive and well….ok…FUCK YOU FALCON!! I’ve been covering this story worrying about your stupid ass and you’ve been hiding in your fucking garage attic the whole time?  Well that’s a whole lot of emotional investment wasted, not to mention the manpower wasted and panic you caused.  Well you know your mom and dad are going to love this since they are going to get assloads of publicity.  I guess wife swap wasn’t enough…so Falcon…you earned this asshole of the day…but since I’m glad you’re alive I’ll play your song…


3 Responses to “Asshole of the Day: Falcon The Balloon Boy”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    hahahah how did you find that video clip? is that really the kid.. what a BS story all for nothing

  2. The_Creator Says:

    the kid is in the blue shirt in that video…their family was on that reality show wife swap

  3. Will Says:

    Great video. This story is just getting more absurd.

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