O Hippies…You’re Hilarious


Michigan  There are limits to being a crime victim, as a woman who called Saginaw County sheriff’s deputies to report the theft of marijuana found out. Detective Sgt. Randy F. Pfau said the 54-year-old woman was arrested early Sunday after reporting two men had broken into her home in Brant Township, 80 miles north-northwest of Detroit.   Pfau said the woman told deputies the men fled after one of them demanded her marijuana plants. He said the woman then was booked on charges of manufacturing and delivering marijuana.


“Hey man! They like took my weed man!”  Shut up Hippie!  I love stories like this, people who commit a crime but are clueless about it.  You know this chick was livid when these guys took her shit, and obviously thought the police would help…nope!  This is a genius theft though, you think the cops are going to follow up on these dudes?  They are going to be smoking their lungs off on this chicks purple haze, and noone is going to do anything about it.  Meanwhile old crusty hippie is going to be sleeping on concrete for a few nights then will be sent home with no weed to ease her nerves…what a bummer man.


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