Nazi Garden Gnomes? You Really Can Find Everything

APTOPIX Germany Art Hitler Salute

Germany   A German artist is posing 1,250 garden gnomes with their arms outstretched in the stiff-armed Hitler salute in an installation that he calls a protest of lingering fascist tendencies in German society. Artist Ottmar Hoerl posed the gnomes in the historic central marketplace of Straubing, a town in southeastern Germany, on Wednesday. The exhibit called “dance with the devil” is to run through Oct. 19.   Most of gnomes are black plastic, but about 20 are painted shiny gold.


First off, of course this is in Germany.  Secondly, how is this protesting lingering fascist tendancies?  I mean I don’t normally understand this type of “art” since I’m pretty sure without some long winded explaination there is nothing to understand.  Nobody is going to take a look at this and without prompting go “wow what a poignant social commentary on fascism.”  Stuff like this is just pretentious and dumb.  What I really want to discuss here is where does someone go to aquire little nazi gnomes?  Are these leftovers from the 1940s?  Did Hitler commission some sort of fascist lawn decoration project?  Nobody just has a “nazi gnome guy” in their rolodex.  I’m going to get to the bottom of this…something tells me there is more to this story than meets the eye.


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