Kid Steals Parent’s Money…Gets Caught Buying Candy??


AFP  An eight-year-old German boy swiped nearly 2,000 euros (3,000 dollars) from his parents but was caught out when he tried to spend some of his ill-gotten gains on sweets, police said Wednesday.   The boy asked for 15 euros worth of candy, prompting the suspicious kiosk owner to ask him whether he had enough money for such a generous provision of sweets. The boy then pulled out a huge wad of notes totalling 1,680 euros.  Police were called and the parents, who had saved up the cash for house repairs, came to pick up their sweet-toothed son.


Dumb fuck…you’re going to take that much loot and try and spend it on candy?  Of course you’re going to get caught.  Candy store owners are taught to look for this kind of suspicious behavior.  Nothing stands out more than a kid in a candy store trying to score some sugar.  When do you ever see that?  Props to the candy store owner for being on his toes, kid almost had sticky fingers…tragedy averted.


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