It’s Tough Being A Cowboy


Wyoming  A northwestern Wyoming man received a citation for letting his horse wander in Worland, but not before he complained to town law enforcement officials about the absence of a hitching post in front of the local saloon. William Schellinger was cited by Washakie County law enforcement officers for allowing his horse to run at large in this city along the Big Horn River. Schellinger was apparently in a bar early Sunday when his horse wandered away, prompting police to follow it to make sure it didn’t cause an accident with a car.


Well this is fucked up!  If there is anyone who deserves to get hammered after a long day working out on the Wyoming Plains it’s this guy.  It’s not his fault he rides a horse, he’s a fucking cowboy for christ sake.  They are a dying breed as it is and now ol Johnny Law is gonna hassle them like this?  Hey Worland, get your act together and put in some god damn hitching posts!  This isn’t the fucking 1400s, get it done!  If this is the kind of treatment cowboys are going to be getting from now on, well, then I don’t recognize my country anymore.


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