Barstoolsports Responds To Deadspin Attack


Barstoolsports  Now I’m not going to get into the moral debate of what type of person attacks a man when they are on vacation. Was it diabolical? Yes. Was it cowardly? Off course it was. But it was also smart. They knew to wait until I was gone before launching grenades at the Stool. I mean if you’re going to try and topple an empire you might as well do it under the cloak of darkness so you stand a fighting chance. But like I said the point of this blog isn’t to debate the morality of their attack. Instead it’s to thank them. Because this article is exactly what I needed to cheer me up after Black Sunday. Don’t you see? Our grip on the sports universe is so strong, so complete , so overwhelming that the rest of the country remains completely and utterly obsessed with us regardless of whether we win or lose. I mean I can almost picture all the guys at Deadspin huddled around a computer frantically clicking refresh on Barstool Sports to see what we had to say after Black Sunday. No other city in the world stirs this type of passion and emotion from opposing fans. Only us. Seriously this must have been what it was like to live in Rome back when Rome was awesome. Just the epicenter of the universe.   Everybody always hanging on our every word, every action and every breath.  So sure it sucks that the Sox got eliminated and the Pats lost, but I can take refuge in the fact that we still the most important city in the world whether people want to admit it or not.    Viva La Stool indeed!


Christ…once the children get going there’s no stopping them huh?  Has there ever been a more boring feud?  Deadspin that caters to nobody, and barstool which caters to Boston area zeros.  I’m only blogging about it because it’s a slow day and I refuse to do the midget jockey story.  These guys can have their little back and forth but they are unaware of my looming presence, and that’s just the way I like it.  You think deadspin can launch a sneak attack el-presidente?  You haven’t seen anything yet.  The Loon is like America before Pearl Harbor…a sleeping dragon…and the dragon is starting to rouse from its slumber.  The Loon is rising!  Take notice.

P.S. This is the guy I’m going up against…

I’m not even a little scared…


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