Asshole(s) of the Day: Christina School Board


Delaware  A Delaware first-grader who was facing 45 days in an alternative school as punishment for taking his favorite camping utensil to school can return to class after the school board made a hasty change granting him a reprieve.  The seven-member Christina School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to reduce the punishment for kindergartners and first-graders who take weapons to school or commit violent offenses to a suspension ranging from three to five days.  Zachary Christie, 6, had faced 45 days in an alternative school for troublemakers after he took the utensil – a combination folding knife, fork and spoon – to school to eat lunch last month. Now, he could return Wednesday.


Oh I’m sorry, do the rules not apply to Zachary Christie??  Does little Zachary get to do whatever the fuck he wants??  Shame on you Christina School Board.  This little terrorist not only brought a knife to school, it was a knife, fork, spoon combo!  That’s the most dangerous utensil there is!  Not only can he slice, and stab, he can also slowly and painfully cut your heart out with that spoon…why would he cut out someone’s heart with the spoon?  Because it’ll hurt more!  This kid shares his philosophy on violence with the god damn Sheriff of Nottingham!  Look at this kid!  Really look at him!  There is malice in those eyes!  And now he’s back roaming the halls with his multi-tool killing device.  This is one decision that’s going to come back to haunt the school board…and when it does they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves…so fuck you Christina School Board…assholes of the day


One Response to “Asshole(s) of the Day: Christina School Board”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    i heard about this story earlier today… what bullshit a fucking spork.. this country is so fucking liberal and soft its a joke

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