O’Reilly and Beck Respond To White House Charges


NY Daily News  Fox News Channel types were ready to rumble Tuesday and are eagerly awaiting the next White House salvo.  Fox cable biggies Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly could hardly contain their delight at being labeled GOP shills Sunday by Obama administration Communications Director Anita Dunn, a charge that will likely prove a big ratings booster for the Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet.  “They’re more worried about the war on Fox than the actual war in Afghanistan,” Beck crowed on his show. “Anita, do enjoy the show.”  O’Reilly said “there’s no question that Fox News is tougher on the Obama administration than the other TV operations because we actually have some conservative commentators on this network.”  But O’Reilly insisted that “Our hard news reporters don’t do commentary.”


Once again The Loon is WAY out infront of a story.  This weekend I blogged about Anita Dunn’s comments and how they were completely off base.  I pointed out that Fox News is really the only cable news channel that offers conservative points of view and that when it came to their actual news anchors that they were no different from any other news source.  Well Bill O’Reilly used my words pretty much verbatum, now this means one of two things, either O’Reilly and I think alike and see things with the same clarity, or O’Reilly reads the mother fucking Loon!  Now before I get a big head, I’m going to assume that I was just pointing out the obvious in my previous blog.  Anyone who doesn’t watch Fox with blinders on can see the difference between their news reporting and their commentators, but I’m still holding out hope that O’Reilly checks in from time to time.  It’s starting to become a trend, seeing my words echoed in other places.  My sphere of influence is growing!  The Loon is rising!!


6 Responses to “O’Reilly and Beck Respond To White House Charges”

  1. Will Says:

    I think the problem I have with Beck and Hannity is that their commentary doesn’t come from any particular coherent political philosophy (At least from what I’ve seen). It appears to me that regardless of what Obama does Hannity and Beck will always think it is terrible. They have invested so heavily in being against anything Obama that they analize any news through the prisim of “How is Obama destroying America”. They would rather see America go nowhere in the next 4 years than have Obama accomplish anything that helps the country.

    Beck considers himself the defender of our constitution but had no issues with the Patriot Act. He is the deficit watchdog, but where was he on that issue for the past 8 years. If he was politically consistant I would think his opinion has some value.

    Could we agree to get rid of Beck and Hannity in exchange for Olberman and Maddow (Don’t get me started on those D-Bags). I think Scarborough should get a prime time show and CNN should let one of their conservative commentators like Castellanos or Ed Rollins have a larger role.

  2. The_Creator Says:

    I agree with you…but I think what gets lost is that they don’t have any ethical or moral responsibility to be fair or unbiased…their job is to get ratings…and they do that very well

    I have no problem with maddow or olby, I don’t usually agree with them, but I don’t think they have any responsibility to tell the truth or be fair in their views, and neither do hannity, o’reilly, or beck…I see them as entertainers…and entertainers only

  3. Will Says:

    I think they have an ethical and moral responsibility to advance an intelligent constructive debate. That is what’s good for America.

    In the founding years of our republic Jefferson and Hamilton had vigorous debates about the shape and direction of our country. Both had different views but each sought equally to better our Republic and understood such.

    I don’t see any of these shows advancing an honest debate, seeking to better our country. They spend most of their time attacking their competitors and people whom their competitors support. It would be more constructive to talk about policy disagreements than call the president a racist who is trying to destroy America.

    The only way this country is going to get anywhere is to have a healthy give and take and to have compromise on legislation. These Cable News Pundits advance a winner take all debate that ties up our government and doesn’t advance any kind of productive national agenda.

    As it is now any compromise legislation like the immigration reform bill Bush tried to pass or the Baccus bill gets assailed by these commentators on the left and the right. These cable news commentators usually make it their mission to take down people who compromise on legislation. Look at what the left is doing to Baccus and Conrad. Look at what the Right did to McCain in the primaries.

    They may only be entertainers but they are hurting America to boost their ratings.

  4. The_Creator Says:

    I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said…but the fact remains it’s on the viewer to let these people influence them…if more people were smart enough to take these shows with a grain of salt I think their influence would be greatly deminished

  5. Will Says:

    If any network exec had a pair of balls they would put a thoughtful moderate, like myself on TV. The problem is that Americans are not exposed to very many good commentators and good debaters on TV. They watch this crap because that is what they are bombarded with, so they they think it is good. They think it is what debate and good commentary is supposed to look like. If you had someone on TV who gave their viewers credit as intelligent human beings and rewarded them with good debate, I think people would respond.

    Personally, I think the best debate on TV these days comes from CNBC where people look and debate policies through the prism of economics rather than partisan hackery. Rick Santelli and Steve Liesman have provided the best debate I have seen on TV about the pros and cons of Obama’s economic policy.

  6. sharethisurlaboutglenbek Says:

    You may appreciate my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

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