Michael Jackson Must Really Be Dead…New Albums Are On The Way


TMZ  Sources who have heard the unreleased recordings of Michael Jackson say there are at least 2 albums worth of class A songs that will be released over time, and some of them are even better than “This Is It.”  We’re told many of the songs that will make the cut were written and recorded by Jackson after he left Sony in 2004.


So MJ is following in the steps of Tupac and Biggie and is going to be coming out with multiple posthumous albums.  Well what a shocker!  Do all musicians do this?  Do they all have a “death stash” of songs that are only to be released after they croak?  This happens far too often to just be a coincidence.  I for one have zero interest in any new Jackson albums for the simple reason that, well, fuck him for holding out!  Who the fuck did this freak think he was to be sitting on a catalogue of shit and not give it up?  It’s probably mostly whiney “we can all get along” tripe anyway but still, it’s the principle.  You better believe that I’m not stashing any blogs away for when I kick the bucket, I wouldn’t hold out on my loyal readers, but then again I also wouldn’t have sleepovers with children and use weapons grade sedatives to fall asleep.  Ahh it’s so true…we’re all snowflakes.

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