Dude Found Sleeping In Closet With Corpse


Houston  A Houston man found asleep with a corpse inside a closet of a vacant home has been charged with misdemeanor drug offenses, authorities said Monday. Cody Jean Plant, 21, was discovered Sunday after the owner of the house reported hearing voices and seeing signs of forced entry at the home in Cypress, about 25 miles northwest of Houston, according to a Harris County Precinct 4 Constable official. Authorities did not immediately release the dead man’s identity.  “There were two guys in the closet. They appeared to be sleeping, one was snoring and the other was deceased,” said Assistant Chief Deputy Mark Herman. “It appeared that they were doing some sort of narcotics, at least the one that they woke up.”


Narcotics?  Ehh, maybe.  More likely this dude was being weird with his dead buddy.  Sure Plant was doing narcotics but don’t tell me you don’t know when you’re sleeping in a closet with a dead guy.  Honestly though since I started this blog I’ve come across some weird weird stuff.  The world is a fucked up place.  In just a few short weeks I’ve become pretty desensitized, so when I come across a story like this I don’t even think twice about the details.  “Oh some dude was getting high and touching his dead friend, that should be on The Loon!”  I literally looked through a hundred pictures of dead bodies to find a pic to go with this story, really fucked up stuff actually.  I found one of the least messed up ones for this story because I care about the mental health of my readers.  I’ll take the bullet for you guys by screening out the bad stuff, it’s all part of the job.


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