Dickhead Deer Attacks 7 Year Old


Ohio  A 7-year-old Ohio boy playing a game of backyard football was tackled by a deer.   Brandon Hiles says he encountered the buck when the ball rolled into woods while he was playing with friends Saturday in Wintersville, about 125 miles east of Columbus. The boy says the buck ran at him and flipped him with its antlers, leaving bruises and a gash.  His 9-year-old friend Wyatt Pugh (pyoo) beat the deer with a stick to make it go away.


All I can say is Wyatt Pugh needs to be given a raise in his allowance or taken to Disney World or something for standing toe to toe with a vicious buck and whooping its ass.  But I’m getting tired of blogging about it, animals are out of fucking control.  Last week it was raccoons attacking seniors, yesterday it was owls, today we have deer going after our kids.  What’s next?  I’m doing my best to document this for anyone who wants to do something about it, but seems nobody is taking this seriously.  Listen, when bears start invading our cities and mauling people in starbucks don’t come whining to me cuz I’ve been ontop of this from day one.  So wake up America, the battle lines have been drawn…pick a fucking side.


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