Colombia Getting Back In The Coke Game


CNN  A young man with tattoos covering one arm rolls hundreds of marijuana joints in the half-light of a shack, perched on a hillside in a Medellin slum.  A few doors away, two other gang members have raided their mother’s kitchen for soup plates, drinking glasses and a blender.  They’ve just taken delivery of a kilogram (2.2 pound) brick of pure cocaine. Their job now is to cut it and package it in gram bags to peddle on street corners they control.  They’ll sell the heavily cut cocaine for $1.50 a gram. Higher purity powder goes for about $4 a gram. That’s much cheaper than the $50 or $60 a heavily cut gram costs on most U.S. and European streets, according to estimates from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


$4 a gram for high purity coke?  Wow if it weren’t for all the random killings, kidnapping, rapings, and all around shady third world behavior I might just check out Colombia for my next vacation.  It’s starting to get fucking big time down there again, the cartels are out of the way so you have all these little soccer brats working out of their slums mixing shit up in a blender…very industrious.  Apparently 2000 people have been killed over this shit so far this year…that’s Escobar shit right there.  It’s crazy that I hand Ricardo 60 bones for a gram bag in NYC, then the money is used to purchase Ricardo more coke to sell, then the money is paid to the smugglers, who pay it to their contact in Colombia, who then give it to the big boss, who then gets pissed that someone shorted him and then goes out and murders one of his employees’ families.  It’s really awe inspiring how we are all connected…small world.


One Response to “Colombia Getting Back In The Coke Game”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    umm can i have some of that? maybe for this weekend

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