Al-Qaeda Going Broke…Keep Blowing Up Employees


BBC  Al-Qaeda is in its worst financial state for many years while the Taliban’s funding is flourishing, according to the US Treasury.  Senior Treasury official David Cohen said al-Qaeda had made several appeals for funds already this year.  The influence of the network – damaged by US efforts to choke funding – is waning, he said.  The Taliban, meanwhile, are in better financial shape, bolstered by Afghanistan’s booming trade in drugs.


See this is business 101, you have to diversify!  Al-qaeda has put all its eggs in the death to america basket and never took the time to look for other sources of revenue.  Also it’s hard to maintain your bottom line when your employee turnover is as high as it is, granted they don’t have to provide their employees with benefits which keeps their overhead low but at the same time moral can’t be very high when promotion means getting an explosive vest.  The taliban however is thriving because not only are they conducting their war they are also making a killing selling heroin.  This is how you do it, the taliban is booming while Osama is running his company into the ground.  Look for al-qaeda to file for chapter 11 later this year or look to the government for a bailout.


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