Oh Those Lovable Cubbies


AP New York  The Chicago Cubs filed for Chapter 11 protection Monday, a step that will allow its corporate parent to sell the team in an $845 million deal.   The filing in Wilmington, Del., was anticipated and is expected to lead to a brief stay in Chapter 11 for the Cubs.  It comes as part of the Tribune Co.’s plans to sell the team, Wrigley Field and related properties to the family of billionaire Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade.


Yeah, I feel like when other organizations get sold they don’t have to file for bankruptcy protection.  But these are the Cubs we’re dealing with, the team that is basically a professional loser.  When you haven’t won a title since 1908 I guess nobody should be surprised that you can’t even sell your franchise without turning it into a circus.  So who is buying them?  Joe Ricketts’ family?  Somehow I don’t see them as big sports fans, yeah I think they sponsor the Bruins and Celtics Arena too but the Cubs should have really been sold to Mark Cuban…if there is a guy who can turn a franchise around it’s that crazy son of a bitch.  Alas it was not to be, now the Ricketts get to preside over the lovable losers through the first few decades of century number two of no championships.  Well, it’s not all bad for the people of Chicago, they do have the Back to the Future prediction to keep their hopes alive…2015 baby!!


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